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  Serving The Workers And The Communities They Live In  
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Assembly Dept.

Bob Fiore, John Nuss, Eileen Orourke, Fred Cadden, Stan Ladue, Danny Marks, "Cookie" Rivera, Sue Kovacs, Cliff Lyons, Tom Vanwart, Val Galm 

 Christine Garland-Crandel, and Larry Tome

Shipping/Receiving Dept.

 Dawn Mertine, Terri Tati, Keith Jones, Jerome  and Tom Lewis

Tool Room

Gary Mitchell


Maintenance Dept.

Tom Gougoutris,  Charlie Redner, Lee Ingersoll, Frank Stapleton Jr., Gil Backenroth, Steve

Inspection Dept.

 John Sansone, Brian Maloney,


George Biggart, John Deuire, Bill Donahue, Randy German, Mike Polacco, Tim Proper, Charlie Seeger, Christian Smith, Bob Taylor, Troy Buley, Jim Byrd,  Frank Ferrendino, Erwin Liu, Ed Mead, Mike Spang,  Chuck Brodhead, Greg Brown, Garth Coons, Chris Cyr, Guy Gabiger, Kevin Hartrum, Al Kremper, Joe Lapenna, Tom McMillan, Kevin Plattner, Toni Secreto, Frank Stapleton Sr., Bill Marks, Ken Goodrich, Todd Lowe, Jason Burger, Patrick Gilday, Don Keating, Tom Gleason,

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